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Paul Schienberg, Ph.D., graduated the California School of Professional Psychology in 1979. During the past twenty-five years, he has accumulated expertise in teaching organization and clinical psychology (Redlands University, New School University and The Mount Sinai Medical Center). He has assisted individual athletes to improve the mental aspects of their game as well as apply his expertise in group dynamics to improve a team’s performance levels. For over ten years, he has coached top executives in various aspects of management. Paul Schienberg treats addiction problems and supervises drug and alcohol abuse counselors. As associate editor to Athletic Insight an on-line professional sports psychology journal, he reviews articles for publications.



Edwin Moses – United States – Track and Field
Will always be remembered for one world sport’s dominant reigns – from 1983 for nine years, nine months and nine days he remained utterly invincible in the 400-meter hurdles, with two Olympic gold medals – in 1976 and 1984 – and 107 consecutive victories.

Emerson Fittipaldi – Brazil – Motor Racing:
Became Brazil’s first Formula One world champion in 1972. Later made a successful switch to the United States IndyCar series which culminated in two victories in the prestigious Indianapolis 500.

Morne du Plessis – South Africa – Rugby Union
The greatest rugby captain his country ever knew. In 1995, he managed the Springbrok side that won the sport’s World Cup in Johannesburg in the first attempt. He now heads up a sports training institute dedicated to improving the lives of children.

Miguel Humara – United States – Sport Psychology Writer/Editor
In addition to helping athletes from sports such as golf, horseback riding, and marathon running achieve peak performances, he is the founder and Editor in Chief of Athletic Insight – The Online Journal of Sport Psychology.

Mitch Lyons – United States – Basketball Coach
Mitch Lyons is a president and founder of, a 501(c)(3) non-profit Massachusetts corporation. Mr. Lyons is a coach of youth, school and college sports for 17 years. He is currently an Assistant Coach for Lasell College Men’s Basketball Team in Newton, Massachusetts. He practiced law for 26 years before retiring to try to make positive change in youth and school sports.

Tim Walker – United States – Television Producer
Tim Walker is a producer for Bryan Gumbel’s “Real Sports” on Home Box Office.

Psyched Magazine


Brought to you by the publishers of Athletic Insight – The Online Journal of Sport Psychology, PSYCHED is a new sport psychology magazine for the general public that focuses on issues of athletic performance enhancement. We are here to provide a systematic approach for individuals to use their mind in the most effective way to reach the goal of optimum performance. Every article in our magazine will be dedicated to that single goal using language and instructions that the audience will find both useful and easy to understand. The topics will be relevant and useful so that athletes will end up loving their sport even more than before.

Our target audience is anyone who participates in sports: adults and children; men and women; individuals and teams. The magazine will be distributed in local gyms, athletic retail stores and events for people to pick up for FREE. All money from this publication will be generated from advertising. We have limited the amount of advertising space to a 50:50 ratio so that it does not overwhelm our readers with unwanted information and creates more of an impact for our advertisers.

The Market


PSYCHED magazine is a unique publication and is available at no cost to the consumer on the internet as well as at local gyms and sporting events throughout the tri-state area. Our audience has demographics that surpass those of many familiar lifestyle and special interest publications. With a typical median household income that exceeds $70,000 and an average age of 35, the PSYCHED reader is ready, willing and able to spend on advertiser’s products and services.

Readers will look to PSYCHED magazine to point them towards products, entertainment, shopping and dining experiences that meet their high standards for quality and value. The published version of PSYCHED magazine also goes home with them as a reminder of the products and services of our advertisers. The internet version can be accessed from anywhere around the world and contains the whole catalog of articles that we have published.

American Interest in Athletics

  • 85 million exercisers in the United States
  • More than $10 billion is spent annually on exercise equipment, foot-wear and apparel
  • Nike sold 200 pairs of shoes every minute in 1993
  • 34,000 sets of golf clubs are sold every day in the U.S.
  • 500,000 golf balls are sold every 24 hours
  • Individuals are looking to use the same training methods as their favorite athletes
  • The competitive nature of athletes makes them look for any edge that they can get


    Advertising Opportunities


    Psyched Inc., the official publisher of Psyched Magazine, has created unique advertising programs to suit every budget. Since no other magazine like Psyched exists, we are able to offer unparalleled advertising opportunities in an efficient manner.

    With monthly updates to the site and a total of 6 issues in the upcoming year, you’ll be able to change creative and copy on every issue. Contact one of our sales representatives to see if you qualify for one of our introductory, cost-saving rate programs. You can either call us directly at (212) 879-5709 or contact us by e-mail. Be sure to write Advertising Inquiry in the Subject field of your e-mail so that it is directed to our sales staff.

  • Editorial Mission


    Enrich an athlete’s enjoyment of their sport through performance enhancement.

    Psyched Magazine is written for athletes world wide of every level who are serious about their sport. Every issue will provide entertaining feature articles and insightful information that will allow athletes to enhance their performance in their individual sport. Exclusive interviews with athletes and first person reports will add a new dimension to our readers understanding of emotions in athletics. Psyched will provide sports psychology information in a most entertaining and digestible form. We have read the research and translate it so it is effortless for individuals to pick up and apply to their sport.

    Feature Articles

  • Sport Psychology is for everyone
  • Entering the Zone
  • Stick to Your Workouts
  • Recovery from injury
  • Male and Female Coaches
  • Affirmations and Exercise
  • Hypnosis and Sports
  • Anxiety is my friend and enemy
  • Down in the dumps: Breaking a slump


  • Features and Interviews
  • Coaching
  • Working Out
  • Mental Training
  • Stress
  • Nutrition
  • Quizzes and Tests
  • Sport of the Month
  • Editorial Outline

    Departments Description Sample Topics
    Features and Interviews How do the great athletes control their emotions to deliver consistent peak performances?
  • Women’s U.S. Olympic Soccer Team
  • Monica Seles – Tennis Player
  • Mike Smith – Leading Thoroughbred Jockey
  • Coaching Fitness information from the experts
  • What’s up, coach? Tell me why!
  • Male and Female Coaches
  • Working Out Practical advice for the exercise enthusiast
  • Stick to your work outs!
  • Affirmations and Exercise
  • Recovery from injury
  • Mental Training Do-it-yourself help for individuals with specific problems
  • Hypnosis and Sports
  • Down in the dumps: Breaking a slump
  • Stress How to combat nerves out on the playing field
  • Entering the Zone
  • Stress is my friend and enemy
  • All we got is the present. The past is gone and the future hasn’t arrived.
  • Nutrition Foods and diets to help you achieve your fitness goals
  • Carbo Loading
  • Protein, Protein, and more Protein!
  • Which energy bar is right for you?
  • Quizzes and Tests Tests and quizzes aimed at individuals who are unsure of what category they fit into
  • The Iceberg Profile
  • Exercise Personality Test
  • Profile of Mood States
  • Featured Sport of the Month Sport psychology tips for individual sports
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Golf
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Gymnastics
  • Horseback Ridding