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The Mental Approach to Competitive Flying

Flying is an equally if not more competitive sport, than golf. There are, I believe organizations that have used a sport psychologist between a Flying instructor and his student. Kindly comment, advise?

I came across a very relevant source of information regarding competitive flying and sport psychology. It is called “Flying Faster and Further.” It can be found by going to the following website address: Part I focuses on Extending the Basics of Cross Country Flying. It is an examination of the knowledge, skills and needs of the new pilot to enhance enjoyment of soaring and improving cross country performance. Part II looks at the physical requirements of competition flying as not being as great as the cerebral aspects of it.

Another source that might prove to be helpful is “The Psychology of Flight Training.” It is written by Ross Telfer and John Biggs, published by Iowa State University Press in 1988. A synopsis of the book is “The Psychology of Flight Training.” It clearly and concisely applies the psychologies of learning and instruction to the process of teaching people to fly, showing that both teaching and learning can be made more effective and efficient. The book promotes application of its principles to development of teaching methods best suited to each instructor’s own personality, students and flight situations.”

Good Luck,

Paul Schienberg, PhD