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MOVIE NEWS: Reversal

By Paul Schienberg, PhD

I had the good fortune of running into Jimi Petulla. He has created a film called “Reversal” with the help of Alan Vint (director). They have combined their talents to produce a story, based on real life, about a father (acted by Jimi Petulla) and son (acted by Danny Mousetis) caught up in the trials and tribulations of competitive wrestling. The father makes sacrifices to help his son get out of a small industrial town by trying to get him a college scholarship. The son is drawn into the endless cycle of training and weight control. When he reaches seventeen, he must make a choice to live his own life or let his father live through him. The acting is superb and the dynamics important for all parents, sons, teachers, and coaches who are involved in competitive athletics. The movie is available on VCR and DVD through Jimi Petulla. Drop Psyched a note and we will connect you with Jimi so that you can have a copy of your own.